Dan, Sandy, Nadia, Steven, Kyle and Austin

Here we are, six of us as of November 14, 2001 when we adopted Austin.  Our first Russian child, Kyle, arrived home September 20, 1997 after Dan completed his adoption in Shakhty, Russia. Dan traveled to Russia by himself to adopt Kyle while Sandy stayed home to take care of Steven who was recovering from a broken leg.  Our second adoption from Russia was Nadia on February 4, 1998. Austin came home in November 2001 after a 6 day stay in the hospital.

We live in southern Washington State, just a few minutes drive from Portland, OR. 

Since we began looking into adoption, and our adoptions of Kyle and Nadia from Russia and Austin from the US, we have started becoming more involved in domestic and international adoption. We currently run Kids To Adopt, an international adoption agency in Vancouver, Washington.



Dan's Family, July '97  

Several members of Dan's family have a genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). OI is a rare condition that is more commonly known as "brittle bone disease".  There are 4 current classifications (or types) of OI, and between all the members of our family, we have 3 of the 4 types represented.  Shirley, David, Dee Roberts-Baraw and Alec have Type I.  Sandy Gatewood-Roberts, Nadia (not in picture) and Steven have Type IV.  Bruce Baraw has Type III.  Hildegard, Bo, Dan, Shannon, Julia and Zach do not have OI. This makes the current count 8 people with OI and 7 people without OI in Dan's family, quite a different take on the meaning of "normal".

Dan's mother, Shirley (front row right side), has been a volunteer for the OI Foundation for several years.  She has worked as the OIF National Conference Registrar for several years.  David (Dan's brother) is a contractor and partner in a company that does residential remodelling and new home construction. Dee (Dan's sister) works as a teacher in southern California.