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Dan's Russian Adoption Adventure

Home in 3 hours, Kyle has a surprise!
My Adoption Adventure part 7

As we walk towards our gate, I see Ciaran sitting on a bench waiting.  She spots us as we approach, jumps up and runs over to greet us.  Brian sees us from down the hall a ways.  He was on the phone with Sandy trying to find out if she had heard from us and why we were so late.  He lets Sandy know we are there and then hurries over to see us.  They are wondering what happened so I give them the 5 minute version of our flight.  Kyle is hungry again so Ciaran gets out some of Marly's formula for him.  We sit and chat for a couple of minutes when they make the first boarding call for our flight.  I tell them I am not getting on the plane until it is pulling away from the gate!  We get another 10 or 15 minutes to chat before I have to grab Kyle and dash off to the gate to board the plane.  We are the last ones to get on the plane, just as I wanted.  As we took our seats one of the flight attendants commented on how tired Kyle and I looked.  I told her that Kyle was just adopted from Russia and she was thrilled, she wanted to hear all about him once we took off.

As the plane taxied out to the runway, Kyle finally fell asleep.  At last!  I thought I had it made for the rest of the flight when Kyle sprung his surprise.  He "processed" one last batch of food, and this one literally exploded out of his diaper, all over him and me.  About this time the plane gets to the runway and begins it's takeoff roll.  I am sitting there, soaked, with a soundly sleeping soaked baby, and 2 1/2 hours of flight time ahead of me!  The flight attendant notices that Kyle has fallen asleep, and I tell her what he did to us.  She lets me out of my seat as soon as she can so I can try to clean up.  Luckily, I have our clothes from the previous day in my carry-on, a bit dirty, but way better than what we have on at the moment.  It took a few minutes to get Kyle squared away, then the flight attendant watched Kyle for me long enough for me to duck into a lavatory, wash up and change my shirt.

The rest of the flight home was nice.  We had a snack only flight, but the attendant took pity on me and gave me two left over lunches from an earlier flight.  The three attendants all took turns coming back to hear about Kyle and how he was adopted from Russia.  Kyle slept nearly the entire 2 1/2 hours, allowing me to recharge with the sandwiches and cookies out of the lunches.  As we were approaching Portland, the flight attendants offered (or was that demanded?) to help carry out my bag and take some pictures of Sandy and Steven greeting us as we get off the plane.  One of the three of them had to stay on the plane as it was a connecting flight and there were people staying on board.  After we landed and everyone else that was getting off were out of the way, I handed my camera and bag to the attendants, picked up Kyle and started up the jet-way.

As we landed and got ready to get off the plane, it was all I could do to not burst into tears, happy to be home, and still happy to Kyle's dad after our 18 hours on planes.  As I carried Kyle into the terminal, Sandy and Steven (and Sandy's parents) were there waiting, and smiling, both glad to have us home at last.  I handed Kyle to Sandy and picked up Steven and gave him a big hug and introduced him to his new baby brother.  As I knelt down so we could get a picture of the four of us together, Steven reached over and gave Kyle a hug.  By the time we got my luggage and were on our way to the car, Kyle was again asleep, this time in Sandy's lap.  Thirty minutes later, Sandy carried Kyle into our house, and I carried Steven in.  We were Home at last!!

Thus ends My Russian Adoption Adventure.
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